Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 thousand and Nine Year in Review

I'm stoked to start this blog off with my 2009 Year in Review. I'll have much deeper, heart felt blogs to come.
2009 was an exciting year for me in all kinds of ways. I grew, I cried (a lot), I laughed (even more than I cried), and I was stretched to new limits. You better believe 2009, will be remembered as a landmark year!

January - That was an entire year ago! From the looks of my calendar the most exciting thing I did was run sound for a Spelling Bee. That is pretty sad : ( <--- Me being sad about January 2009!

February - (This is the hardest month to spell, do you agree)? This is the month I decided I hate crowds! I took the youth group to "Winter Jam", turned out to be horrible! This night will forever be etched in my mind as a catastrophe. We arrived two hours early because the event was general admission, I thought this was a good idea, I was so wrong. The doors opened, and I became aware of how much I hated being herded through hallways with large groups of people! We still got the worlds worst seats, in front of the worlds rudest people. Bad Night for me.

March- I became a Ferry Godmother, to Will! (You can see Will's Picture to the right) I also went on two- back -to-back Mission Trips to Brunswick, Georgia good Memories on both of these trips!

April - The only thing I can come up with for the month of April, is the "Women Of Joy Conference." Might I add, there was not many joyful women at this conference. This is just an observation, it might not be reality!

May- My journal says May was a hard month for me emotionally, looking back I agree, it was a hard month! The Senior Class of 2009 graduated, VBS meetings, and Children's' Camp took place.

June - The month I almost died from exhaustion! First week of June was the judgment House at Night, and during the day was decorating For VBS. Second week of June was VBS, two times a day! Third and Fourth weeks of June was Word Of Life Camp, in Tampa Florida. Suicide Mission.

July- I had some fun outings with the youth, but overall a very depressing month for me. I TURNED 29. Yes I said 29, I hate this number!

August -It appears in August from journal entries that I learned who my friends were. But no amazing events happened in this month.

September - See You at the Pole Rally at Moody High School was a success! I love seeing students on their knees praying!

October - I met back up with two amazing friends from the past, face to face! Yea Becky and Julie, so glad we met back up!October was all about answering TWO QUESTIONS...Who Am I, and Am I okay with who I Am. This was a hard month, and I would love to say I'm wrapped up on both of those questions, but that would be a lie.

November - I made my family mad this month, I opted out of the traditional family Thanksgiving to hang out with a friend in Texas. They soon forgave me, and all was well in the land of Ashley.

December - This was the hardest month I've ever had in ministry! I saw things that will never be erased from my memory! I was challenged to put myself aside, and think of the immediate needs of my friends! I lost people I loved and cared about. I learned important life lessons, one being you should always live life to the fullest (thanks mom). I found myself losing passion for the ministry! I retreated with the greatest group of students in the world, and found my heart beating in a way that it had been longing for!

So that wraps it all up! Tears, laughter, heartache, loss, passion, desire, and clarity, that was what 2009 was all about!


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